Waterfalls of Meghalaya

Waterfalls of Meghalaya flowing from a great height and cascading into the rivers below are a delight to watch.!!

Meghalaya is a region of great scenic beauty. The meandering rivers, waterfalls, sparkling mountain streams and lakes are a delight to watch here. The state is dotted with several waterfalls that resonate with the sound of the water gushing out of the unpolluted rushing streams. These cascade down from a great height into the steep mountains. These waterfalls are at their best during the monsoon season. These waterfalls are set at the backdrop of green forest that adds to it charm and beauty. The scenic beauty surrounding the waterfalls serves as an ideal spot for picnicking. Set amidst the calm and serene environment and sprinkled with delicate mist of falling water, these sights are a welcome retreat for the tourists. There are many panoramic waterfalls in Meghalaya such as Bishop Falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Crinoline Falls and Beadon Falls. Few of these waterfalls have been illustrated below: 

Dain Thlen Falls 
It is located in the East Khasi Hills District almost 5 kms away from Sohra. The waterfall has been named after Thlen or a snake of gigantic size. It is said that it resided in a cave nearby. According to legend the people killed the snake for their safety and also to protect the region from its terror. The Dain Thlen Falls lies near to the spot where the Thlen was killed. There are many natural rock carvings that are a source of tourist attraction to this particular spot. 

Nohkalikai Falls 
Nohsngithiang Falls

This waterfall is located in the East Khasi Hills District in Sohra. It is the tallest waterfall in India and its height is 1100 feet. The beautiful waterfall cascades down into a deep green pool below. Nohkalikai Falls are fed by the rainwater that collects on the peak of small plateau. The waterfall gets reduced during the dry season in December to February. The fall is associated with a tragic legend. 

A woman named Ka Likai was remarried. However, her new husband was very jealous of her love for her daughter. Once, when Ka Likai was out for working, her new husband killed the daughter and cooked her flesh into a meal. When the mother of the daughter returned back home she could not find her daughter. She enquired her husband about her daughter's whereabouts. The husband denied having any knowledge. He told her that before she went out in search of her daughter she must eat something. The husband then served her the meal he had cooked. After eating the food she found her daughter's fingers in the betel nut basket. In despair, she threw herself off this cliff. The fall was named as "Fall of Ka Likai" 

Khoh Ramhah Falls 
Elephant Falls

It is located in the East Khasi Hills District in Sohra. It is also known as Motrop. The imposing fall is a single rock formation shaped in the form of a giant cone. According to folklore, this was the fossilized cone shaped basket of an evil giant. Water flows heavily between the two rocks during monsoon months. It a overwhelming sight. 

Kynrem Falls 
The Kynrem falls is situated in the East Khasi Hills District in Sohra. It is the highest waterfall in Meghalaya and overlooks the Thangkharang Park. It flows down in three parts from the top of the hill and is the 7th highest waterfalls in India. It falls from a height of 305 metres. 

Nohsngithiang Falls 
The Nohsngithiang Falls is located in the East Khasi Hills District in Sohra. It is also known as Mawsmai falls. The breathtaking fall that is situated in a south westerly position. The beauty gets enhanced by the rays of the sun from dawn to sunset. 

Spread Eagle Falls 
The fall located within the Shillong Cantonment, resembles an eagle with its wings spread. It is thus named as Spread Eagle Falls. The fall is locally known as Umkaliar or the falls into which Ka Liar slipped. 

Elephant Falls 
This fall is located in the East Khasi Hills District in Upper Shillong. The waterfall cascades in two successive falls set in dells of fern covered rocks. 

Weinia Falls 
The falls located in the West Khasi Hills District on the river Kynshi looks mesmerising. The sides of the fall are enveloped with rocks of different shapes, sizes and colours. It is very deep and falls from a great height. Huge step like structures are formed by natural agencies on one side of the falls.

Thum Falls 
The falls are located in the West Khasi Hills District on the river Kynshi. This fall is 60 metres high and situated near Dilingim village. The base of the fall has a beautiful pool that is surrounded by hard rocks on three sides. 

Sweet Falls 
Sweet Falls

The fall is located near Happy Valley at a distance of about eight kilometres from Shillong. It looks like a straight pencil of water that falls from a large size water pipe. 
Krang Suri 
This waterfall located in Jaintia Hills District in the Amlarem Civil Sub Division is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfall of the District. The District Administration has taken steps to enhance the beauty of the spot. Chiselled and gravelled footpaths have been laid here. 

Tyrshi Falls 
It is located in Jaintia Hills District on the Shillong Jowai Road. This fall is located about 5 kms from Jowai. A span of green paddy fields located nearby has been well connected by an arch bridge that leads to the mesmerising Pynthor (paddy-fields) below. 

Thlumuwi Falls 
It is situated in Jaintia Hills District on the Jowai Amlarem Road. A gravelled footpath has been built here for the visitors. 

Pelga Falls 
It is located in the West Garo Hills District at the distance of 7 kms from Tura. It also serves as a favourite tourist spot. A footpath has been constructed here by the tourism department. A typical traditional Garo bamboo bridge has also been made over Ganol River. 

Imil Chang Dare Falls 
This waterfall is located in West Garo Hills District in the vicinity of Tura Chokpot. The stream on which it is located flows through a deep, narrow winding bed of crevice rocks. The stream then leads to a broad wide opening and flows down forming a broad waterfall. A deep pool forms below the waterfall apt for swimming purpose. The place also serves as an ideal picnic spot. 

Rong'bang Falls 
It is located in West Garo Hills District almost 25 miles away from Tura on the Tura Williamnagar Road. It is close to the Rombagre village. The tributary of the Simsang River is visible from here. The magnitude of the fall can be felt at the bottom of the waterfalls. The water is in its full swing during the monsoon months. It is clustered on either side by vast evergreen hills of bamboos that look stunning. 

Bishop and Beadon Falls 
Both the falls flow down the same escarpment into a deep valley. The sight of the water is a sheer delight to watch. The Bishop Fall is the 22nd highest waterfalls in India. The Bishop Falls is a three tiered waterfall and has a height of 135 metres. Both the falls can be seen from a narrow road at Mawlai.


Langshiang Falls 
It is located 24 kilometres from Nongstoin, in the West Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya. The height of the waterfall is around almost 337 metres. It is the 3rd highest waterfalls in India.